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  1. Painter 1wk 1d ago

    Thank you for the fav :)

  2. ndox900 Sep 10, 2015

    Quote by mbeckley Super cute dox-san! I love it! :)

    thanks Ms. Le Le and big thank you for the comment and +fav :]

  3. ndox900 Jun 18, 2015

    big thank you for the +fav Ms. Le Le :]

  4. elisadevelon Elite Member Jun 17, 2015

    Thank you for another fav! :D

    Tokyo Ghoul Triptych by elisadevelon

  5. ndox900 Mar 07, 2015

    double thank you for the +favs Ms. Le Le :)

  6. elisadevelon Elite Member Nov 22, 2014

    Thanks for the fav on my wall!

    Tragedy by elisadevelon

  7. ndox900 Nov 19, 2014

    thanks again for the +fav Ms. Le Le :]

  8. DarkGSSJBeast Nov 19, 2014

    Quote by mbeckley So I see you are still active on here. Lol. Leave me a msg anytime on Skype. I will respond.

    Hi Le! Sadly I wasnt actually really active in MT nor in Skype or to others /: It is just that I started watch anime series again since some months.. so I come in MT occasionaly to add the series in my list and of course to see if anyone is online..

    I am sometimes online in skype as well to see if anyone left me a message or if anyone is online there also...
    These months weren't that great and either for my loved ones.. I knew you had huge difficulties also (as I consider you a closed one as well). so I didn't and still dont want to talk about these stuff.. I didnt want to make things worse and dont say anything I know very well it would go that way... I really hope you are doing better Le-Le~

    PS: I will be on skype today just so u know soo see u laterz~ ^^/

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